baby it’s cold outside…

“You know what we used to say on the South Side?”

Once a week or so I will insert this cryptic geo-reference when talking with my sons and I have something I either want to joke about or I want to them to “get.”

Something like, “more for me,” when they say they don’t want something at dinner.

Language is funny. In a sense it is like a bread crumb that traces back to our points of origin, to where we are from. And me having grown up in Markham, a somewhat forgettable suburb south of Chicago, “more for me” was a common utterance.

Imagine packs of kids scraping across the landscape a la “Lord of the Flies,” and then you can conjure the words being uttered in form, substance and style.

“More for me…”

I thought of language and origins today as I dragged my Sorel encased feet across Lakeview’s icy surface today to show my listing at 406 Wellington. With temps rigid to single digits another southside aphorism crept to the surface to the steely cold light of day – “it’s as cold as a well digger’s @ss.”

I can freely and wholly admit to having never met a well digger, so I have no knowledge of the temperature of any part of his appendages, anatomy or person. But I know the statement, having used it for the better part of four full decades, and what it intimates is something frightfully cold.

Something as cold as today.

I think it was November of 2012 when the Polar Vortex first reared its inhumane icy head. Today was a day that approached something akin to what we experienced then. Bone. Numbing. Cold. And perhaps more in store.

The odd thing about the midst of winter is that the Chicago real estate market changes markedly. Feel free to start your stop watches as you please and set them for January 5th and the following weekend. For that, my friends, is when things storm out of the gate and, though we be in the dead of winter by calendar, we put the pedal to the metal of the full-on spring market.

The anticipation of the spring market is behind the work and I about six to ten selling clients of mine have been engaged in for the past two months or so as we prepped homes to list, had professional photographs taken, started marketing these places via my in-house app at @properties and using zillow and with other online placements like Facebook, Instagram and craigslist and in general readied for the diametrical shift in the real estate climate come the beginning to middle of January.

But worry not if you have it in mind to make your next move – it is not too late. All it takes is a simple email or phone call to me to start the conversation about what it is and where it is and prepare for the next series of steps that include getting it sold and finding your next place.

Which reminds me of another southside-ism – “if you’re ready, I’m ready.

And so we proceed!

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