Buying Your New Home

Looking for your new home? Now’s the time to dream. And while you are at it, dream big! And I will be right by your side, engaged in the hunt for your new home until we find what we are looking for.

Are you ready?

As one of the top real estate brokers in Chicago and the city’s North Shore for more than a decade I know we will find what you are after. I know because I have helped hundreds of folks find just what they wanted since 2002. And I know that as I did with each and every one of them, I will work tirelessly to put you in a home that you will love. And given my  track record, that’s something you can count on.

In fact, one of the things I am most proud of as a top real estate broker in Chicago and the North Shore is the fact that you can completely rely on me. Again, this is borne out by the folks who precede you as my clients – they turned to me because they knew they could trust me to give them good advice, to conduct a relentless search, to negotiate with honor and knowledge and to make sure that they were “whole” as they walked in to their new homes. They also knew that I would not hesitate to let them know if I did not like the texture of any home we saw. You see I am not committed to selling you a home – I am devoted to ensuring that we find the right home.

The links below provide you with a fuller overview of how I represent my buying clients. I hope that after you take a look you will give me a call at 773.848.9241 so we can move forward with your next move.

I look forward to it!

a manual to buying a home in chicago & the north shore by Tom McCarey

And another way to view the buying process with me is below:

Buying Your New Home with Tom McCarey by Tom McCarey on Scribd

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