On the road again…

I love the Facebook feature that takes you back in time. This day in time… last year, two years ago, longer.

As we ambled on our roadtrip to Dallas earlier this week, sketching our path through downstate Illinois, across Missouri, into Oklahoma and finally into the Lone Star State Nicole gave me a thumbnail sketch of our Holiday itinerary the past seven or so years – Tulum, Paris, Rome, Santa Fe, Ruidoso, Lubbock, Dallas and Chicago.

Memories fascinate me, providing a poignant opportunity to hold close the light of a moment that has taken place and to revisit it after the fact. To recall the splendid Christmas light displays and markets in the piazzas of Rome or the stunning carousels in Paris or a sumptuous beach dinner in Tulum.

The memories live within me, inside of my mind and my heart, like an eternal library encompassing a specific period of time and all predicated on a single defining characteristic, my love for my family, my devotion to my wife, kids and extended clan.

At the beginning of the day and at its end the motivation for all of this is this group of people I have come in contact with first by chance and then by genetics, my family. And sharing time with them and my close friends (and of course my beloved clients), across the board, is the most satisfying and enjoyable thing in the world. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop or temperatures a good 70 or so degrees warmer than Chicago in December.

But no matter where we are being there together is the linchpin for love and gratitude, the motivation to get up in the morning and get to bed with some degree of normalcy (and decency) in order to do it all over again the next day and the next and the next. And not only to do it, but to do it with grace and equanimity. Or some modicum of the same.

And then to be able to take a look back whether via Facebook or Instagram or what have you and catch a glimpse of those magical moments in time is a chance to stand in awe of the moments that make up life and make it so satisfying, gratifying and simply worth living.

Happy Holidays!


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