Selling Your Home

Why List Your Home with Tom McCarey

Why? Because you want your home sold. And as you engage in one of life’s biggest decisions you want the best and most solid advice possible. That’s what I provide.

I am a local agent and I provide you with the biggest bang for the buck. My marketing blows the competition out of the water – there’s no comparison. But I am not content to stand still. So I am always innovating, pushing the envelope forward to make sure your property is in front of the right buyers.

This starts by marketing your property out of the box in-house via my @properties app. As the top producing real estate brokerage in all of Chicago, many of my fellow agents are, like me, among the top brokers in Chicago. And we represent serious buyers. What this means is straight away, before we even hit the MLS, we impact buyers and resonate with what we call our “market within a market.”

Bottom line, I get the job done quickly, efficiently and professionally. To find out more about my process, scan through the marketing material below which will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Let me know if you would like me to send a hard copy of this remarkable booklet about selling your home.

Selling Your Chicago + North Shore Home with Real Estate Broker Tom McCarey by Tom McCarey on Scribd

I Will Sell Your Chicago or North Shore Home by Thomas McCarey

And here’s another take on the same subject. End of the day the process and the result are the same.

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