Living Life Non-Stop and Full Tilt

Blue emerges the sky after several slate grey days. And with the blue sky and sunshine can we assess the snow that has fallen of late.

Several inches worth, I’d say. And so sayeth the boys who helped me uncover pavement and pavers as we swept and shoveled our driveway and patio free twice of snow in the past two days. The good news is we persisted like the post office both Friday and Saturday, not being stymied by snow as we made our way once to meet friends with kids for a holiday dinner and again as we kept a date with the boys to see the latest installment of the Star Wars story.

Not being stymied by the elements is an interesting approach. And so long as it it seasoned by a pinch of common sense, I would say it is the right way to proceed. Some might say it’s being indefatigable. Which is something we again shouldered this AM as we made our way down the driveway and to the highway for an early morning basketball game before the afternoon open house and appointments. Fortunately we were met by clear roads and the journey was smooth, owing our arrival time only to the length of the trip and not the roads upon which we traveled.

Personally I prefer being indefatigable. Ready to roll no matter the circumstances with an eye toward the goal and a spirit of fairness and equanimity. In fact it is this spirit that a number of my clients say they greatly appreciate about my professional approach. And it makes a difference when it comes to what for many of us is the largest single source of our investment portfolio – our home.

If you are selling it, you want to make sure the person doing the selling is active, intelligent, assertive, proactive and has a positive track record. The same holds true when you are buying a home, ensuring that the person working with you to make your dream a reality is a true and solid advocate.

A few days ago I wrote about peppering my sons with southside aphorisms – in this instance I think the right one is “if you are going to do it, make sure you do it right.”

And that’s just what I’m going to do.




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